Welcome to Fischel's Hobby Center. We have a wide variety of hobby items. Such as Model kits, Die-cast vehicles, Paint by number, Puzzles, R/C vehicles, and more. Trains in Z, N, HO, On30, S, O & G scale, hobby tools, Paint by number, Thomas the train engine, kites, metal detectors, and much more. Keep us in your favorite bookmarks and check back once in a while you never know what we will listed that you might be looking for. Don't forget to stop by our ebay site. fischelshobbyctr

*** UPDATES *** 5-23-22

5-23-22 NEW Bandai models coming soon.

4-15-22 O.O.S. Updates.

3-10-22 O.O.S. Updates.

02-17-22 O.O.S. Updates. Some inventory updates.


9-2-21 O.O.S. Updates.

6-4-21 O.O.S. Updates.

12-22-20 O.O.S. Updates Slotcars, WHITE'S metal detectors.

11-25-20 new store hours posted for the holidays. Some Athearn rolling stock Items updated and in stock.

11-14-20 O.O.S. Updates

5-9-20 Corvid 19 update. Opened for limited hours.

4-20-20 O.O.S. Updates

4-1-20 Added some NASCAR model kits, sci-fi and others.

3-31-20 Added some Thomas the tank engine stuff. Added some model kits.

32820 added some puzzles. 3-D puzzle added and 4d city scape.

32720 added some puzzles. One 3-D puzzle added and more to come.

3-25-20 Added some puzzles. Simulator items updated.

3-23-20 O.O.S. item removals in LBF category.

3-21-20 Some new updates. new items.

2-14-20 O.O.S. item removals.

12-27-19 Some minor updates.

12-08-19 O.O.S. item removals.

5-11-18 Updated some discontinued items.

4-10-18 O.O.S. item removals.

3-26-18 O.O.S. item removals.

1-31-18 O.O.S. item removals.

10-05-17 O.O.S. item removals. Couple pages have been removed due to no longer being able to get product.

5-1-17 O.O.S. item removals. Updated the in stock LBF ho cars.

2-15-17 O.O.S. item removals. Home page update. coupon page updated.

1-20-17 O.O.S. Updates and Item removals. Updated Item LOSA7054 with a new picture title and description. Removed discontinued Athearn.

12-13-16 UPDATED O.O.S. items in the rc vehicles pages.

12-10-16 Added some servo mounts Associated, duratrax and Hot racing. Added a Hot Racing parts page. Added some Athearn parts.

10-26-16 O.O.S UPDATES. Added a few Athearn parts.

9-28-16 O.O.S UPDATES Removed discontinued items.

8-24-16 To see what shipping is: you will have to login to get shipping cost. We adjust for small items and multiple items if the shipping cost looks high. We will lower shipping cost and never raise it after the sale has been placed. If it will cost more to ship an item, we will e-mail you with the shipping cost and get your approval first before completing the sale.Updated and added a couple Badger parts.

7-30-16 O.O.S UPDATES Removed discontinued items.

5-2-16 Added some more Losi Parts.

4-27-16 Added a Vaterra Category and added some parts.

4-20-16 Athearn HO Horns added. Updated some rc cars. Also Added some TLR Losi parts.

4-18-16 Blade CX4 parts added. Couple item Quantities updated. EFLA410 and EFLH1447.

3-25-16 Updated rc truck availability.

2-11-16 Picture updates on a few items.

1-13-16 Flight simulators updated.

11-21-15 General Updates. Back in stock Bachmann 27712 On30 B&O Caboose

10-31-15 Added some more Losi and Dynamite parts.

10-01-15 Added some TLR Losi parts.

8-23-15 Misc items added.

8-22-15 How to order page updated.

8-25-15 O.O.S. updates

8-17-15 Added some new sci-fi models.

7-8-15 Added some McHenry Couplers.

6-30-15 Added some more Mini Losi parts.

6-23-15 Added Blade 130x parts. Added some MicroHeli Part and Spektrum servos. Added a Blade Red Bull 130x parts page.

6-03-15 added some script to hopefully fix mobile issue. If anyone runs into a mobile issue with our site, please let us know and we will see what we can do to fix it.

5-11-15 Minor updates. O.O.S. updates.

4-23-15 Added An Electrix RC parts page and a few items. Added some Blade e-flite Hangar 9 ProBoat Rpm parts

4-17-15 Misc parts updates.

4-13-15 Added some magazines and catalogs.

4-10-15 Added some Athearn parts.

4-10-15 Added Park Zone & E-flite Ultra Micro parts and moved some sections to main category page. Added a WIRE section, this will have servo extensions adapter plugs switches t-harness'.

4-8-15 Added Micro scale decal section. Added some O scale decals. HO and N Scale on the way.

4-7-15 Added sci-fi models.

4-6-15 Misc items added.

4-2-15 Added Quad / Drone Page. Added Yuneec Drones for pre-order.

4-1-15 Added some Axial trucks.

3-30-15 Added Tekno parts section. Blade and E-flite parts added.

3-27-15 O.S.S. UPDATES. Added some MIP parts and more to come.

3-26-15 Added some CX2 heli parts. Added an AKA section and Added an Item. Added a Truggy Section and a couple Truggies.

Over 4600 items listed and growing. 3-25-15

3-25-15 Added some E-flite Heli part for BCP CPP CPP2 SR

03-24-15 Added some radio equipment.

03-23-15 Rc truck updates. Added some new RC veheicles. Added some Woodland Scenics Just Plug LIGHTING SYSTEM. Some more Heli parts were added. Added JConcepts section.

03-21-15 Added some axial crawler trucks. Coupon updates and FAQ updates.

03-20-15 Added twitter and facebook links. Updated rc vehicles and added Online coupons. Coupons are online only and end 4-30-15

03-17-15 Added some information on the FAQ page.

03-11-15 Added a variety of parts. pro-line blade atlas.

03-06-15 Added pro-line part. added atlas track. Added blade heli parts and added new sub catagories for Blade.

03-05-15 Minor updates & Added some more Athearn parts

03-04-15 Added some more Athearn parts

2-26-15 Added some more Athearn parts

2-24-15 Added some more Athearn parts

2-23-15 Added some more Athearn parts

2-23-15 Be advised. Check your choice of shipping before you check out. If you wanted USPS and not UPS it will be shipped USP. 2-23-15

2-19-15 Added some more Athearn parts

2-5-15 Added some more Athearn parts

2-4-15 Added and Athearn parts page. Added a few items. more to come.

1-31-15 Added Blade SR section and added parts. Added some Blade 400 parts and ParkZone parts.

1-29-15 Quantity updates on Blade Heli parts. Added new Blade 450 3d part and blade 400 parts.

LGB parts section added and parts added.

1-21-15 General updates. OOS updates.

OOS = Out Of Stock = removed from site.