Welcome to Fischel's Hobby Center. We have a wide variety of hobby items. Such as Model kits, Die-cast vehicles, Paint by number, Puzzles, R/C vehicles, and more. Trains in Z, N, HO, On30, S, O & G scale, hobby tools, Paint by number, Thomas the train engine, kites, metal detectors, and much more. Keep us in your favorite bookmarks and check back once in a while you never know what we will listed that you might be looking for. Don't forget to stop by our ebay site. fischelshobbyctr


Atlas 400 Super Track Saw
Integy C22316 Team 4.5mm Hex Socket Spring Post Wrench
Losi LOSA99150 Losi Nutdriver: US 4 pc Set
Losi LOSA99160 Losi Nutdriver: 4.5mm
Losi LOSA99175 Nut Drivers Metric 4pc set
Sportwerks SWK9920 Metric Allen Driver Set
Wingtote WGT350 Field holster for r/c vehicles parts and tools
Duratrax DTXR0410 19-in-1 Tool Set w/Pouch For Traxxas
Dynamite 2834 Startup Tool Set: Metric
Dynamite DYN2835 Startup Tool Set: US
Dynamite DYN2625 Engine bearing tool kit: .21, .24, .26, .28
K&S 326 Mighty Wire Bender and CoilerOFNA 90843 Tip, Hex Ball Wrench, 1.5mm
Golden Horizons 01534 Ball End Remover, Red
Duratrax DTXR0100 Flat tip Screw Driver 5mm
Duratrax DTXR0200 2.5mm Nut Driver
Duratrax DTXR0202 3.0mm Nut Driver
Duratrax DTXR0204 3.5mm Nut Driver
Duratrax DTXR0206 4.0mm Nut Driver
Duratrax DTXR0208 4.5mm Nut Driver
Duratrax DTXR0220 3/32" Nut Driver
Duratrax DTXR0222 7/64" Nut Driver
Duratrax DTXR0224 1/8" Nut Driver
Duratrax DTXR0226 9/64" Nut Driver
Duratrax DTXR0228 5/32" Nut Driver
Duratrax DTXR0230 3/16" Nut Driver
Duratrax DTXR0234 1/4" Nut Driver
Duratrax DTXR0256 3.0mm Ball hex Driver
Duratrax DTXR0260 5.0mm Ball hex Driver
Duratrax DTXR0276 5/64" Ball hex Driver
Duratrax DTXR0282 1/8" Ball hex Driver
DuraTrax DTXR1125 Ball End Tool
DuraTrax DTXR1140 Shock Shaft Tool
Wiha 26590 Nutdriver Set,Metric, 8 pc.
Wiha 26591 Nutdriver Set Inch (standard)
E-flite EFLA264 6" Stainless Steel Ruler
Wiha 26018 Slotted Screwdriver 1.8x40
Dynamite DYN2519 Crankshaft Locking Tool .12/.21
Dynamite DYN2512 Piston Locking Tool
Revolution RVO1007 Crankshaft Locking Tool: 30-90