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HPI Racing

HPI  87112 Case for Mtr:Roto Start S21,S25 KIT
HPI  Z076 TP Flat Head Screw M3 x 8mm
HPI 100906 Motor Plate, Gray: Savage Flux
HPI 1413 Piston Pin & Retainer Set:21BB
HPI 15244 Crank Case (k4.6 HO) Nitro Star
HPI 1675 Adjustment Screw w/Spring
HPI 3037 Mesh Whls,2.2 Chrome:SNRS4HPI 3091 Dish Wheel, Black (2) 2.2in.:FS
HPI 3192 Warlock Wheel, 83x56mm, Chrome: SAVX,SAVXL
HPI 3715 Mesh Whls,26mm, White,3mm Offset
HPI 3743 Stock Car Wheel, 26mm, Chrome:DT-1
HPI 4153 Pro Form Tire 14mm, Firm, White (pr)
HPI 4162 Pro Form Tire 14mm, Medium, Black (pr)
HPI 4675 Inner Foam Liner 26mm Soft
HPI 4834 Dirt Block Tire S Compound (2): Baja,2.0
HPI 6158 Foam Washer, 5x10x2mm(6)
HPI 6765 Front Shock Spring 13 x 20 x 1.7mm x 6coil
HPI 6775 REAR Shock Spring 13 x 23 x 1.6mm x 6 coil
HPI 6811 O-ring 6x9.5x2mm (black / 8pc)
HPI 6819 Silicone O-Ring, Red: NRS4, S25, SAVX, SAVXL, DT-1
HPI 72446 Ball, 3 x 4.7 x 6mm: R40 (4)
HPI 74101 Droop/Ride Height Gauge, Aluminum, Purple: Pro4
HPI 75047 Servo Saver Pipe / Nut Set, Purple: R40
HPI 75127 Sway Bar, 1.6mm, Black Pro4 (2)
HPI 85031 Shock Tower / Bumper Set: N3RS4
HPI 85032 Body Post / Link Set: N3RS4 RTRHPI 85038 FR Upright Set, 8Degree / 10Degree
HPI 85047 Suspension Arm Set: S21, S25
HPI 85059 Bumper & Long Body Mount Set: S21, S25, SAVX, SAVXL
HPI 85238 Suspension Arm Set: SAVX, SAVXL, Flux
HPI 85239 Roll Bar Set: SAVX, SAVXL
HPI 85253 Shock Body Set (2 Shocks): WK
HPI 85464 Upper Arm Ball End (A): Baja5B,5T, 2.0,5SC
HPI 85509 Suspension Arm Set: HF
HPI 85515 Servo Mount Set: HF
HPI 86098 Idler Gear, 29T (1m): S21, S25, SAVX
HPI 86145 Flange Pipe 3x16 x 10mm (4): S25, SS
HPI 86330 Heavy-Duty Cup Joint 5 x 10 x 16mm, Silver: NRS4
HPI 86331 Heavy-Duty Cup Joint 5 x 10 x 18mm, Silver: NRS4
HPI 86522 Bevel Gear 42T: HF
HPI 87007 Urethane Belt S3M 174 UG 4mm Sprint 2 GTi RearHPI 87034 Reverse Module Case: S21RM, S25
HPI 87114 Gear Set for Motor Unit: Roto Start
HPI 94506 CAP HEAD SCREW M4x15mm (10pcs) Baja5B, 5T, 2.0, 5SC
HPI 94530 Fit Head Screw M 4x12mm Hex Socket(10)
HPI 94531 Flat Head Screw M4 x 15mm Hex Socket(10): D8
HPI A050 Front Spring .8mm (2)
HPI A096 Front Spring .7mm (2) GREEN
HPI A471 Shock Parts Set: NRS4HPI A546 Shock Body Set, 70-103mm: MT
HPI 86030 Bevel Gear,43T: S21, S25, SAVX
HPI W-MT030 Front Collar Set
HPI Z106 E CLIP E-7HD (20pcs): Baja5B,5T, 2.0,5SC
HPI Z571 Binder Head Screw, M3 x 20mm: ESAV, DT-1
HPI Z599 Screw Shaft,3 x 40mm:MT
HPI Z643 Flat Head Screw 4X12mm #73919
HPI 87041 Gear Box Rubber Cap: S21, S25, 3-Spd (2)
HPI 6915 Pinion Gear 48P 15T
HPI 85048 Upright Set Savage 21
HPI Z721 Set Screw M4x4mm Proceed (4)
HPI 86318 Alloy Brake Hub Savage
HPI 86087 Clutch Gear Holder w/One-Way Silver Savage 21
HPI 3138 8-Spk Whl Satin Chrm Svg T/E-Mx (2)
HPI 3005 GT5 White Wheels for savage
HPI 3013 Q6 Wheel Chrome (4) -- USED
HPI 3252 Tremor Wheel Chrome 115x70mm 7 inch-2